Extra Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Dotable Website

As a new website owner, you’ve pressed Publish, but might be wondering where the droves of website traffic are. Don’t worry, Dotable can help!

Build fast, responsive websites with Dotable

Below, we’ve created a list of 10 great ways to get website traffic to your Dotable website. Whether you have a blog, small business, or online store, website traffic is what you need to reach your goals. While it may take some trial and error, you’re bound to find the combination that works for you. Let’s get started!


Before you spend one minute marketing your website, invite family, friends, and everyone else you know to visit and let you know exactly what they think. Their feedback can help you improve navigation, branding, and clarity.

Great Headings

Short, concise messaging will help you grab and keep the attention on website traffic. If visitors don’t see value within the first 30 seconds of arriving on a website, chances are that they will click away, never to return. Don’t let that happen!

Add a Blog

Blogs help boost website traffic, engagement, and conversions by increasing search engine results and establishing you as an authority in your industry. Building a blog is as easy and publishing the answers to your most commonly asked questions. Add a blog to your Dotable website in just a few clicks!

Email Marketing

Start building an email list to begin sending helpful newsletters and announcements. Request email addresses when selling products and services, on social media accounts, and through promotional campaigns. A 10% discount will encourage new sign-ups.


While we could easily write an entire book on how to optimise your website for search engines, you’ve already covered many of the areas by choosing Dotable. Your website is mobile responsive and lightning-fast, but you can boost search results by using keywords in content and including meta tags and descriptions on your website.

Social Media

Social media is an excellent tool for creating loyal followers. Simply choose your platform, create an account, and start engaging! Share any content you post on your blog and be sure to feature exciting announcements and promotions. Before long, you will have a list of frequent visitors.

Engage Online

Be sure to participate anywhere you think that your customers interact. Research forums, websites, social media pages, and YouTube channels and start engaging and informing readers about your terrific website.

Get Visual

As the adage states, a picture is worth a thousand words. However, a video can be worth a million views. Don’t be afraid to experiment with graphics, images, and videos on your website to boost traffic. Just be sure that nothing automatically plays when someone clicks to your website.

Paid Search & Ads

All of the featured tips thus far have been mostly free. However, many new website owners get their foundational traffic through paid means. Whether you are boosting ads on Facebook or paying for search in Google, a little bit of an investment can go a long way. This is especially true when promoting your business in a specific location.

Try it all!

Don’t be afraid to mix and match these methods until you find the perfect blend. Promoting your website will be a series of experiments until you find what works best for your customers and your business.

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