10 helpful Dotable website building tips

Congratulations on your new website building adventure! We are so happy that you have chosen Dotable as your preferred website building tool.

Our expert teams are available around the clock to support you on your journey. Please let us know if at any time you have questions or concerns about your Dotable account or website features.

To help you get started, we’ve created a list of 10 helpful tips to consider when publishing your Dotable website.

1. Add a gallery or slideshow

Your website is a chance to show how unique you are! Take advantage of it by including visual content like images and graphics in a gallery or slide show. The more content you can offer, the more engaged your audience will likely be.

2. Go social

Quickly and easily add social media buttons to your Dotable website for easy connecting and sharing on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

3. Stick to your brand

Branding helps create memorable experiences for your website visitors and customers. When possible, use your logo, brand colours, and brand styles when building your Dotable website. It helps to think of your favourite brands. What helps you recognise them at a glance?

4. Anticipate questions

As you add content to your website, try and imagine what questions your website visitors will want to ask about your business and answer them in the content that you publish. Don’t forget to include hours of operation, shipping options, and other frequently asked questions. You could even add a web page devoted to FAQs.

5. Include contact information

How would you like your website visitors to contact you? Email? Phone? A form on your Contact Us page? Be sure to make this information easily accessible to your website traffic for more engagement and more business.

6. Use vibrant images

Choose from the images provided by Dotable or add your own! Be sure that the images you add are clear and vibrant.

7. Keep language simple and friendly

Don’t leave your website visitors guessing. Be very upfront about what you do, who you are, and why you are a better choice than the competition. Decide which keywords best describe your business and your website. Use these keywords in headings and in content around your website.

8. Update regularly

Don’t be afraid to make changes or update your content. Dotable makes it simple with mobile editors for designing on the go.

9. Add a blog

Blogs are a great way to provide helpful information, release website updates, and create ways to engage with your audience for easy sharing on social media. Quickly add a blog to your Dotable website.

10. Be descriptive

When adding products and services to your website, be sure to use clear descriptive language. Providing as much information as possible helps customers buy your products and also boosts your search engine results to help your business be found online.

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